Moshi Iva

A peerless archer warped by knowledge.


in Iva’s past, she met and bonded with an Isawa shugenja of the Pheonix clan; Ogone.
They tried to meet as often as they could despite being from different clans; she was fascinated by his talks of spirits and magic, and tried seeing if she could talk with the kami herself through his magic (it didn’t work).
At one point, she came upon him and saw him studying a new kind of magic. It looked wonderful in its perseverance and power. She wanted to know more about it, and asked what it was.
And so, she and Ogone delved into Maho.

She was fascinated, and studied it with him (what she could understand as a non-shugenja, anyway), helping him keep it secret from others.
One day, when she came to visit him, he was gone.
She had a distressed feeling that started as soon as she entered his abode and grew as she returned home; very soon, she found herself waking up in the Shadowlands.

She’s honed her ability to strike at things at long distances, and can hit a fly at 400 feet away. She fears that if she lets what she once studied get too close to her, it will overwhelm her. She hopes to be able to take down threats before they get close enough to harm her friends.

Moshi Iva

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