Shadow over Rokugan

Escape from the Shadowlands

  • Akodo Takeshi, Nuro Byushi, Moto Hitaken, Umaba Takito, and Moshi Iva wake up in a swamp. When they get their bearings, they realize they are in The Shadowlands. They have no memory of how they got there. Two of the deathseekers in Takeshi’s charge are still alive. This group begins the journey back to the wall. Takeshi sees a scarf his wife knit for him wrapped around a spear and on fire. The group heads on from this ominous sign.
  • One of the deathseekers realizes she has been tainted by the shadowlands. Takeshi offers her the opportunity to perform seppuku. She does so. The group continues on. Byushi scouts ahead. She hears cries for help and steers the group away from them. The party comes to the edge of a vast morass. After poking it with sticks for a while, they decide to head in a different direction.
  • The party comes upon a group of dead goblins in the middle of a clearing. Takito begins examining the corpses, when the “dead” goblins jump up and attack. Takito is grievously wounded. The other party members kill the goblins, but before they can leave, they hear the telltale signs of an oni approaching. The samurai engage the oni in combat, but are unable to harm it until Takeshi notices a weakness in the oni’s armor. He cuts a strap holding the armor on, and the oni is defenseless. It falls soon afterward.
  • The party travels onward and finds the tunnels leading under the wall. They enter the tunnels and prepare to rest for the night. In the middle of the night, the remaining deathseeker tries to sneak away from the camp. When he is confronted, he claims fear as his reason for desertion. The samurai believe him. Once most of the party is asleep, however, he tries to run from the group. The samurai give chase, and eventually kill him. Upon dying, his true form is revealed. The second deathseeker was actually a changeling.
  • The party emerges from the tunnels on the northern side of the wall. A horrific sight greets them. The wall has been breached, and the Crab clan fights a desperate battle against the forces of shadow. The party is approached by Lord Hiyashi of the crab. He commands the party to deliver this dire news to the emperor.


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