Shadow over Rokugan

Crabs in a Castle

Samurai: polite and rude at the same time

  • The party heads north towards the imperial city. They stop for the night, and make camp in the woods. Moto Hitaken and Akodo Takeshi find themselves in a creepy dream. Nuro Byushi and Umaba Takito unsuccessfully try to wake them up. Hitaken and takeshi fight a creepy demon baby, and confront the faceless bodies of their friends. Eventually, they take themselves up by pouring water on themselves. This dream makes Takeshi and Hitaken suspect they have been tainted by the Shadowlands. They examine their blood; it has flecks of black in it. Takeshi announces his suspicions about himself to the group. Hitkaen remains silent.
  • The party journeys on in a torrential downpour. They approach an inn at the top of a hill. An old woman looks at them from inside the inn. The samurai decide to go and warn the local daimyo about what has happened. The local Crab Lords receive the samurai politely enough. Everyone surrenders their weapons, as is customary.
  • After delivering their message, the samurai are anxious to leave, but the Crab Lord insists they stay for dinner the following night. Everyone reluctantly agrees. Takeshi tries to find a Shadowlands expert, and is strung along.
  • A crab samurai attempts to poison Takeshi. Hitaken convinces the Crab to give him his scimitar for a stroll outside the castle. he wanders into a creepy building, and encounters a creepy demon girl. His scimitar doesn’t harm the girl, and he returns to the castle.
  • The samurai keep tyring to leave, and the Crab keep refusing to let them go. The Crab daimyo orders Takito to perform seppuku. He refuses. Eventually the Crab relent, and the samurai are allowed to leave. The weather is still terrible, so the samurai stick to the longer path back to the inn, instead of cutting across the rice fields.
  • the party arrives at the inn. The old woman beckons them inside. Everyone quickly realizes she is muste. Through a long series of gestures, she reveals that she has a demon child that ate her husband’s face. It also draws creepy pictures. there’s one for each PC. The samurai go to investigate the child’s room.


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