Togashi Uji


Dragon Clan
Family: Togashi
School: Togashi Uji

Air Ring: 2
Reflexes: 3
Awareness: 2

Earth: 3
Stamina: 3
Willpower: 3

Fire: 2
Agility: 3

Water: 2
Strength: 3
Perception: 2

Void: 3

Honor Rank: 4
Glory: 2
Status: 1
Insight: 140
Insight/School Rank: 1

Athletics: 2

Defense: 3
RANK 3: The character may retain the result of a previ- ous Defense / Reflexes roll rather than make a new roll if the Full Defense Stance is being maintained in subsequent rounds.

Polearms: 3
RANK 3: +5 Initiative during first round of a skirmish

Craft(Tattooing): 1

Lore(Spirit Realms):1

Meditation: 2
Staves: 1

Etiquette: 1

Tea Ceremony: 1

Investigation: 1


The blood of the Kami is barely diluted in the ruling line of the Togashi order, and the brothers chosen to serve the Dragon as Togashi vassals receive the mystical blood of a god in the form of unique tattoos. You gain two Tattoos at this rank.
Mastery of the body is the first essential step of a monk’s journey toward enlightenment, and martial arts are the per- fect tool to bring the body and spirit into harmony. You gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of all unarmed attack and dam- age rolls.
As an ise zumi continues his journey of self-discovery, accu- mulating new experiences along the way, he will eventually be judged worthy of additional insight in the form of new tattoos. You gain two additional Tattoos.
Perfect mastery of the flesh is an indication that a soul’s jour- ney is nearing its end. You may make unarmed attacks as a Simple Action rather than a Complex Action.
Insight into the true nature of the universe is the reward for a soul that seeks true mastery of the spirit. You gain two ad- ditional Tattoos.


Mantis: The mantis is a fierce and fearless warrior out of all proportion to its tiny size. Upon receiving this tattoo, you are completely immune to all Fear effects. This tattoo is active at all times, and does not prevent the use of other tattoos.

Bamboo: The bamboo plant is ubiquitous throughout the Empire, and is well known not only for the speed with which it grows, but also its durability. While this tattoo is active, your Armor TN is increased by an amount equal to twice your School Rank + 5. (7)

Taint Power (Passed on by father):

Monstrous Strength: The Taint suffuses your muscles, giving you a swollen, unnatural build that unsettles those who meet you. You suffer –1k0 to all Social rolls. In return, you add your Taint Rank in unkept dice to all Strength rolls, Strength-based Skill rolls, and Damage rolls you make.
Taint Rank = 2

Robes, Bo, Traveling Pack

DR: 3K3
ATK Roll: 6K3
DMG Roll: 6K3
Mod. DMG Roll: 8K3
DR: 1K2
ATK: 4K3
DMG Roll: 4K2



Sage (Mental)
You have a love of learning, and have accumulated a staggering amount of information during the course of your lifetime. Whenever you would be forced to make an Unskilled Roll when using a Lore Skill, you instead are considered to have 1 rank in that Skill. Phoenix and shugenja characters may purchase this Advantage for 3 points.


Togashi Uji is an enigmatic warrior monk, an Ise Zumi of the samurai class. Like all his brothers, he tends to confuse and unsettle others with his shocking appearance. Uji is very well muscled (To the point of seeming unnatural – due the taint passed on by his father), covered in large tattooes, a Bamboo on his chest and Mantis on his back, wears only plain green pants, rarely speaks, and when he does it always tends to be cryptic. He always seems to be pondering how any situation lends itself to enlightenment. The truth of the matter is that Uji is very close to enlightenment for one so young. Recognizing this, his elders have suggested that Uji travel the world to reach enlightenment. Uji prefers peace but has spent a lifetime preparing for war, training his mind and body to be strong and endure the harshest of conditions. He is exceedingly humble to a fault, in that he has difficulty accepting glory or renown. Uji is intensely religious and has a very strong compulsion to stop at every major temple he passes in order to pray and meditate. At one such visit, while Uji was deep in meditation, it was revealed to him by his ancestors that he had an unknown enemy that sought his ruin and ultimate destruction. This enemy was not obtained through any fault of Uji’s, but instead represents a grudge held against his maternal grandfather that has been passed down to the current generation.

Uji is dedicated to a life of service. He takes very good care of his subordinates, even joining in on the work needing to be done when time permits, who repay him with their loyalty and hard work. He also does what he can to help those in need and seeks only to fulfill his life’s calling. Uji is the son of Moto Hitaken though this has been kept a secret from him. This decision was made to protect him against the stigma and notoriety of being the only known son of a man responsible for the death of the emperor. As such, he was raised in the house of his mother and told that his father was killed during the recent invasion of Rokugan by oni.

Togashi Uji

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