Shadow over Rokugan

The Dark Mirror

Takeshi, Umaba Takito, and Nuro Byushi converse with Abdul. Abdul takes Takeshi’s refusal of a katana in stride, and offers them a map. Takeshi looks at the map. It is blank, so he points this out. Abduhl explains that the map needs blood to activate it. Takito offers his blood, and the map becomes visible. Takeshi locates a likely entrance to the fortress, but realizes Abdul is hiding something. Takeshi gives Abdul all of his food, and Abdul reveals that the fortress is made of flesh. Further questioning reveals little, since Abdul wants more payment for more information. The samurai decide not to do this, and depart.

  • On the way to the tunnel into the fortress, Byushi scouts ahead. She sees a ten foot tall, horned oni, with melting flesh. She leads the group another way. The samurai arrive at the entrance without further incident. It is at the top of a large sand dune. Inside, the samurai see a broken ladder and several skeletons. Takeshi ties a rope to a nearby tree and climbs down. Byushi attempts to follow, but loses her grip and falls to the bottom of the pit. Takito is also unable to hold himself and slides down, landing on top of the already injured Byushi. This last blow renders her unable to move.
  • Takeshi decides he cannot leave Byushi unconscious in the bottom of a pit. he climbs out and instructs Takito to tie Byushi to the rope. Then, he attempts to lift Byushi out of the pit. The rope slides off Byushi’s body, and she falls back down, crushing Takito underneath her. Meanwhile, Takeshi notices a large demon approaching. It looks similar to the one Byushi saw earlier. Takeshi whispers a warning to Takito, and prepares to face the beast. Fortunately, it does not attack, and eventually wanders away. Takito ties Byushi to the rope again, and this time Takeshi successfully lifts her out of the pit. The samurai use Abdul;s map to locate a safe resting place. The first cave they visit appears to be inhabited by giants, although no one is home at the moment. The samurai think better of hiding here, and look for another place to rest. They find another cave that hasn’t been visited for three days, according to Takeshi’s best estimate.
  • Takeshi and Takito attempt to fortify the cave as best they can. They find a bottle and smash it at the entrance. Takeshi asks Takito to guard Byushi and recover from his own wounds while Takeshi goes to rescue Yuji. The samurai rest for the night, then Takeshi leaves. He tells the others to assume he’s failed if he’s not back within three days. Byushi says they won’t even wait that long.
  • On his way to the fortress, Takeshi meets a strange, whistling man. The man asks Takeshi where he is going and if he is alone. Takeshi is truthful but vague. The man claims not to know who he is or where he’s from. Their conversation is interrupted by the footsteps of a large creature. “Prepare yourself” says Takeshi. “I don’t remember how to fight” says the man. “Then run.” Leathery wings sprout from the man’s back and he flies off with astonishing speed. The creature comes into view. It is the ten foot tall demon from earlier. A wave of fear washes over takeshi, but he tells the monster to step aside, albeit with a trembling voice. the oni says nothing but continues to block the way. Takeshi draws his sword and advances. The creature still does not move. Takeshi attacks and cuts a gash in the creature’s chest. It closes up. The monster retaliates. Its tail connects and sends Takeshi flying.
  • Meanwhile the winged man arrives at the cave where takito and byushi are hiding. He tells them that their friend is in grave danger. He tells them, that their friend is in grave danger. He tells Byushi that she will face grave consequences in the next life for killing the emperor, even if it was by his own wishes. Byushi still does not regret her actions. The man heals Takito’s and Byushi’s wounds, and tells them to grab his hands. After some discussion they do so. Both Takito and Byushi sprout a single wing from their backs. The man’s own wings shrivel up and disappear. Byushi faints briefly from the pain. After a little more discussion, Takito and Byushi set out to rescue Takeshi.
  • Takeshi has made little headway with the demon when Taktio and byushi arrive. Despite their fear, they dive-bomb the demon. Takito uses his knowledge of the Shadowlands to cut a hole in the demon’s armor above its heart. After their initial attack, Takito and Byushi’s wings shrivel up. due to the demon’s terrifying presence, they are unable to effectively attack.
  • Another creature appears on the horizon. it’s tall skinny frame is covered in boils and filth. It attacks the demon, and quickly fells it, then begins to feed. The samurai move on. They arrive at the entrance to the fortress, and climb down the hole without incident.
  • The samurai walk down the tunnel to the fortress. Strange, naked humanoids climb over the walls,. the samurai avoid their tongues and continue on. They pass through a large gate, and follow their map until they come to a large, dark mirror. It forms the door to the prison where Yuji is probably being held. Instead of handles, the door has spikes. takeshi sees his family in the mirror, Byushi sees herself killing her allies, and takito doesn’t look.
  • Takeshi convinces himself that his family is an illusion, and shoots an arrow at the door. It pierces his daughter in the chest. She collapses to the ground, to the dismay of her mother and brother. Takeshi drops to his knees. his yumi clatters on the ground. “I can’t. I just can’t,” he whispers. Byushi charges the door and stabs it. She runs her mother through. Takito charges the door without looking at it. Obsidian claws burst from his hands and pierce the glass. He hears a faint whimper and looks down. He is stabbing his long-lost sister in the stomach. Takeshi walks towards the door and tries to pull it open. he cannot get a good enough grip on the spikes. On closer inspection he notices small holes in the spikes. He cuts his hand and bleeds on the spike. The doors swing open.
  • Inside are the samurai’s loved ones, as well as several other prisoners, including Yuji. Most of the prisoners keep a good distance from Takeshi’s family and Byushi’s brother. The three samurai attempt to patch up their injured loved ones. Suddenly, Byushi and Takeshi are attacked by their families. Byushi strikes down her brother, but Takeshi cannot bring himself to do the same, even as Byushi’s brother is revealed to be a changeling. Byushi attempts to kill Takeshi’s fake wife, but her attacks do no damage. takeshi realizes he must kill the impersonators himself. He destroys his son and daughter, and turns to slay his wife. takeshi’s wife strikes him, and the samurai splits into two people. He is not aware of his dual nature. The two Takeshi’s simultaneously move to attack the changeling, but they cannot bring themselves to take the final blow. their swords clatter to the ground as they resign themselves to their fate. Byushi intervenes, and the last changeling is destroyed. With that, the samurai lead the prisoners from the room. their way is obstructed by a shallow pool of water. The two Takeshi’s cautiously poke the water with an arrow. When nothing happens, they begin to cross. One of them is swallowed up, and the rest of the group crosses without incident.
  • The group escapes from the fortress, and returns to the cave where the samurai spent the previous night. the strange man who had wings is there. he is cooking over a fire. The prisoners eat eagerly, but Takeshi doesn’t eat anything. takito realizes his sister is pregnant. The mysterious man tells Byushi the gods will forgive her for murdering the emperor if she gives up her recently rescued mother. Byushi refuses.


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